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The Most Reliable Bottled Water Supplier in Dayton, Ohio


The Mission of IMPACT Water is to help the countless plastic waste being dumped in our eco-system.


To impact this planet with safety and love through our programs of recycling, providing sustainable aluminum packaging that reaches all corners of the world, developing humanities consciousness of recyclable materials such as aluminum to be administrated proactively serving the community for the greater good of IMPACTING this world.



      Natural ELECTROLYTES
IMPACT MOUNTAIN SPRING WATER with naturally occurring electrolytes How You Ask?- because it does, and it’s also derived from deep layers in soil and ancient rock trickling to the underground aquifer and then coming back up through the natural springs). This process overtime produces Electrolytes and Minerals, giving IMPACT SPRING WATER a brilliant taste with a great source of nutrients.

           How amazing is that?
You can lean on a sustainable product and sustainable source. For example, Fiji is great and tastes great but at the end of the day their only incentive to purchase is a “premium source and premium appearance” in a plastic bottle.

With private label IMPACT WATER LLC you are getting a “premium, sustainable, and renewable source” as well as reusable and recyclable packaging” in our aluminum bottle.

The taste of the IMPACT SPRING WATER also keeps them coming back, when people try IMPACT they’re usually hooked.

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